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One of my favourite parts of pregnancy is preparing for the birth. I am a lover of lists, planning and preparation so for me packing the hospital bags is heaven.

I started buying for the hospital bag early on but I would suggest getting it ready in early third trimester. I pack and re-pack them though because I love it and it soothes me.

Given this time we are going in for a planned cesarean I have to pack us for five nights. One bag for each of the three of us. I thought I would show you what I packed in case anyone needs some help but remember to adjust it for how many nights you are staying and what type of birth you are hoping for e.g if you are hoping for a water birth (bring swimmers for your partner).

My bag:

– large granny undies high waisted to account for the cesarean incision (I get the bamboo packs from Kmart)

– two packets of maternity pad

– Tena disposable underwear (Woolworths)

– warm socks

– slippers (slide on’s are the easiest)

– two/three pairs of pyjamas preferably button down for feeding (I get mine from @notsomumsy)

– nursing bras

– breast pads 

– comfortable relax wear (I have a bamboo set from Kmart) 

– going home outfit (I have a baggy dress because of my c-section scar and also you still have a belly!)

– gown/robe 

– camera

– phone charger (long cable so it can reach the bed!)

– ear plugs

– nipple balm 

– breast gel discs

– laxatives

– toiletries including make up for going home, toothbrush, toothpaste, moisturiser, cleanser (I have wipes so I don’t have to get up), lip balm, deoderant, dry shampoo or shampoo/conditioner, hair elastics

– favourite snack

– pillow (some like their own)

– headphones

– water bottle 

– notebook and pen 

– birth wish list, yellow antenatal pregnancy card, Medicare card, insurance card/details

– one pack of Tena disposable underwear 

Babies bag (you don’t need many clothes as hospitals provide most things but I like to take):

– nappies (most hospitals provide it depending on where you go but good to have some as well) 

– wipes (hospital may provide it depending on where you go) 

– dummies

– nappy rash balm

– swaddles/wraps 

– onesies

– leggings and tops

– going home outfit 

– socks

– mittens

– beanies

– birth announcement plaques

 – bottles/formula if you don’t plan on breast feeding 

– car seat properly installed in car

Dad’s bag:

– underwear

– socks

– PJs 

– comfortable hospital clothes

– phone charger

– snacks

– toiletries 

– entertainment (iPad etc)

– swimmers if you hope for a water birth 

– going home clothes

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