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Round nine of IVF… I can’t believe we are here.

After losing Leo we were in shock. We couldn’t possibly have imagined that our genetically tested embryo could come back as being affected by a severe chromosome condition…that the testing was wrong. That happens to such few people, why us? After all we have been through.

It took some time to process it enough to decide what is next. We decided as a couple that we would do one more round of IVF in the hope that the laparoscopy and removal of endometriosis would assist in our egg retrieval and IVF results.

Our IVF round played out like the others. We only had three eggs retrieved which definitely caused us anxiety. We had to remember it was quality over quantity but the numbers always hurt.

All three got to day five which definitely surprised us but only two got to testing. This was great result however, the wait for the genetic testing once again caused us a lot of stress. My nerves are shot…

Finally it was the day, We got the news about our embryos. We knew the call was coming and I felt like I could have passed out the whole day.

We have one and a half healthy embryos.

Let me try to explain the results…

Both embryos are SMA carriers which is fine. Jonny and I are carriers are we are healthy!

In terms of chromosomes, one embryo is healthy which is incredible!!

The second embryo has mosaicism on two chromosomes. It is complex and involved us needing to speak with a genetic counselor but it means there are abnormal cells on two chromosomes. This isn’t unusual, mosaicism is common, it just depends on which cells grow faster – the normal or abnormal. Basically it comes down to if the embryo implants and becomes a pregnancy it is likely to be healthy. However, there is a chance it will not implant due to the mosaicism.

So one and a half embryos. We didn’t even think that we could have a half… Forever learning.

We are happy with these results but it took a minute to figure out how we felt.

I shook for most of the day. My nerves are shot. I am shattered.

I thought when we got more healthy embryos I would burst into tears but in reality I feel exhausted.

But I am happy, we are happy.

Our fight is far from over but we are one step closer xx


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