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Mental health.

A big topic.

It can affect anyone, for any reason, at anytime.

For me I believe I had general anxiety before Mackenzie, but since we lost her my ‘reasons’ for mental health issues have been expanded beyond I thought possible. Grief, IVF, trauma from her death, loss of two babies in pregnancy and now pregnancy after loss.

I take my mental health seriously and do a lot of work to keep myself healthy and safe.

I have seen a psychologist and a grief counselor. I no longer see them but I will if I feel the need.

I have been on a light anti-anxiety/depressent since Mackenzie was diagnosed. Which I share honestly as I hate the stigma around it.

Even with those strategies, after Leo I realised I was struggling. I was worse than I had been since we lost Mackenzie but I just kept pushing forward. Work, IVF. I didn’t stop but I was frozen inside.

I didn’t realise this until a beautiful woman named Mel reached out to me. Mel is a Kinesiologist who also runs a company creating sprays, essences and affirmations called @re….

For the last year I have worked with Mel and she has brought so much to my life. She pulled me out of darkness and helped my mind/soul reframe things. I won’t go into more because of the same reason I didn’t share it earlier – this was my own journey and my own mental health. It was for me alone.

I am sharing it now because I know how much it helped me and I think it can help others too.

I have a routine each day that uses those affirmations, the sprays and allows me to feel closer to my beautiful daughter.

I never would have seen kinesiology, sprays or anything in this relm in my future – I am a science girl but I opened myself to it. Taking baby steps and I found myself changing, a change even my family could see.

Now that I am nearly at birth time I have also signed up for a course called Mental Health Skills for Parents to Be. Also what Mel has taught me is now part of my life.

Please don’t ignore your mental health or put boundaries around yourself.

Please share to help spread Mackenzies story.