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My friend @LEIGHACAMPBELL shared with me an article she wrote for @MAMAMIAAUS about losing her beautiful Dad recently to brain cancer, but to my surprise I also featured in the article.

In it she says that when she first met me she was concerned by how much I spoke about Mackenzie. She was worried I wasn’t coping and was sitting in my grief. It worried me to read that. To think that is what people think of me…but after she lost her Dad she began to understand me.

In her beautiful article Leigh writes about her Dad, how much she misses him and how grief is the tax we pay on love.

In our society, particularly in Western society’ we believe that a person is not ‘ok’ until they let go of the person who has died.

That is not the case.

Once you lose someone close to you, you realise that you will never let go of them. They are apart of you, deep in your core. They have defined who you are.

I speak about Mackenzie because I am drawing in pain, I talk about her because I love her. Yes I am grieving her but if I stop talking about her that wouldn’t mean I am ok.

You may not believe it because some of the posts and topics I write revolve around traditionally hard topics but I am ok. If you read my book you will begin to understand me and that I am a happy, loving person whose life has changed forever. The last few years have defined me as a person.

We need to move on from this concept that we move on from loss, that we get over it. You never let go of love.

Silence doesn’t mean you have moved on, it just quiets down the stories about our loved ones.

So if someone begins talking about someone they lost, don’t be scared they aren’t ok. Let them express their love.

Do yourself a favour and read Leigh’s beautiful article at and I’ll put a swipe up in my stories xx 

The idea that you are not going to be ok until you let the person go. That is not the case

You never have to let go of love.

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