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We have news… we are pregnant! Our fourth transfer worked.

Whilst we are excited of course we don’t feel like we are pregnant. After what happened with Leo we know we won’t actually be told if we have a healthy baby we can keep in our arms forever until 18 weeks.

Why 18 weeks? Because we have got positive pregnancy tests that disappear so we don’t trust a positive pregnancy test to last.

We have also got pregnant before and lost babies at 6 weeks so even if the transfer works we could miscarry.

Then we would then need to do the NIPT test at 11 weeks to check the chromosomes because even though this embryo is a genetically tested embryo, so was Leo and we lost him. So even at 10 weeks we wouldn’t feel pregnant.

Finally we will need to do an amniocentesis at around 17 weeks to confirm the accuracy of the test we did on the embryo looking at whether they have SMA or a chromosome condition. The results will take a week or two.

So it will be at least 18 weeks and after all those steps until we would be able to share our news with any certainty. I just don’t think I can keep that from people so we are telling people right from the pregnancy test, then we will have support if it goes wrong.

I know we shouldn’t expect more tragedy but after all we have been through I think it is understandable.

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